Below are general descriptions of the equipment used in the ICP-MS lab.

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For technical information and access to the lab contact the lab manager - Colin Bray.

PhD candidate Lesley Rose using t he ICP-MS in solution mode. Samples are introduced using a Cetac 500 auto-sampler.
The argon plasma (wow!).
The sampler cone where the sample is first introduced into the expansion chamber and then via the skimmer cone into the mass spectrometer.
The torch box, containing from right to left, the nebulizer, spray chamber and torch.
The Nu Wave UP-213 laser ablation microscope. This system utilises a 213 nm solid state Nd-YAG laser which can ablate samples down to spot sizes of 5 um.
The sample chamber of the laser ablation microscope. The chamber will accept one inch diameter electron microprobe type mounts, regular thin/polished sections or loose samples.
Time resolved analysis of Molybdenum-100 in a standard glass sample.

The lab provides services to the Department of Geology, other U of T departments and is available to other University and Industry users.

For technical information, access to the lab and analytical costs, contact the lab manager - Colin Bray.